Joseph's Story

Rebuilding from the Ashes

Once ISIS had been driven out of the Nineveh plains in Northern Iraq, Christian families hoped to return home to the land and communities their ancestors have lived in for centuries, but it hasn't been easy. Their towns, homes, businesses and places of worship have been blown up and destroyed. They've lost everything.

Joseph*, Nadia*, and their two children lost their home and business during the ISIS occupation. Since their store provided their family's only income, they wondered how they would rebuild and survive. Thanks to supporters of Shai Fund, they were provided with the tools, equipment and generator they needed to rebuild their mechanic shop and open for business. Shai Fund's support helped Joseph and Nadia rebuild their lives and also benefitted the local economy, as together they rebuild their town.

Through the gifts and prayers of generous people, Shai Fund has helped resettle families and restart businesses in the Nineveh Plains.  Families are finding hope, rebuilding their lives, and beginning to heal.

We'd love to have you join us in this work! Contributions to Shai Fund go directly to helping people like Joseph, Nadia, and their children.

*Names changed to protect their identities
Photo Credit: Clay Cook Photography with Nadus Films and Unseen.

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