Saving the Iraqi Christians

Rebuilding from the Ashes: Saving the Iraqi Christians

Now that ISIS has been driven out of the Nineveh plains, the Christian families want to return home to the places their ancestors have lived for centuries. The problem is that their towns, homes, businesses and places of worship have been destroyed, blown up and they have lost everything.

Families like Jospeh* need your help to repair and rebuild their businesses in order to support their family and ultimately the local economy of the Christian towns. So Shai Fund provided Jospeh with the tools, equipment and generator to rebuild his mechanic store and open for business in Qaragosh, Nineveh Plains.

Through the gifts and prayers of people like you Shai Fund has been able to already help resettle families and restart their businesses in the Nineveh Plains. In order to rebuild their lives, these Christian families need to restart their business and begin earning an income again. Still, there are many more families in desperate circumstances that need our help.

Will you partner with us to help save the Christians of the Nineveh Plains?

Photo Credit: Clay Cook with Nadus Films and Unseen.

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