Nadia’s Story

A future for my children

I hope for a future for my children - Nadia’s Story

When the Islamic State invaded Bagdad, they gave Nadia and her family three days to leave, or her husband would be killed. They left everything behind and fled to Turkey with their two children. They’ve lived there since 2014, where they are refugees and unable to work or earn an income. Their children aren’t able to go to school, there are no churches in the area they live, and they feel alone and isolated while struggling to survive.

This is where Shai Fund comes in. Shai Fund recently traveled to Nadia’s town in Turkey and provided Nadia and her family, along with many other refugees, food vouchers,  along with aid, but most importantly, hope.

“I hope for a future for my children, and that {we} will be able to go to a new country where {we} can live freely and practice our faith.” - Nadia

Nadia’s story is only one example. There are many families in Turkey wondering how they will feed their children.

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