Shai Fund has become an expert in helping people with extraordinary needs. Taking them from exploitation and persecution to help them build better futures!

We need your help to rescue thousands more who are victims of the rising wave of persecution against Christians in Afghanistan and other nations.

Your support makes it possible to:

  1. Identify and rescue those who are at risk

  2. Provide safe passage to safe houses

  3. Obtain visas and needed documents

  4. Make travel arrangements to a new country

  5. Assist with finding a new home and new employment

Your gift today has the power to save lives and transform people’s future. Please give right now to help rescue those who are persecuted, enable them to find safety, and empower them to start new lives.

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Shai means Gift in Hebrew

The mission of Shai Fund is to support those affected by war, conflict, disaster, persecution, and exploitation by partnering with local communities to provide urgent aid, practical support, and humanitarian assistance. Since 2014, Shai Fund has directly assisted over 170,000 people with practical and immediate assistance and created job opportunities and sustainable futures for thousands.