Khalid's Story

You helped me!

Khalid and his wife and three children come from the old Christian town of Bartella in the Nineveh Plains in Iraq. Years of discrimination and persecution culminating in the rise of the so-called “Islamic Caliphate” resulted in the community fleeing when ISIS attacked the Christian and Yezidi towns to ethnically and religiously purify the land of what they called infidels.

When Khalid and a remnant that survived the genocide, returned back to the Nineveh Plains, they were shocked at what they found. From thriving towns with children playing in the streets, flowers in the gardens and church bells ringing out across their villages they came back to an empty bombed out shell of what they had known. Khalid returned back to his home village and didn’t have the funds to rebuild his store and thereby restore his livelihood. The family had lost hope that they would ever be able to get their livelihood and store back.

Then he heard about this opportunity to apply for funding to restore his blacksmith store with Shai Fund. Khalid applied and now he has rebuilt his shop! He was able to buy the equipment he needs to start working and earn an income. Shai Fund bought the tools he needs such as welding machines, tools, cutters, iron drills, electric saws and a much needed generator to power the shop. He has even designed a brand-new advertising board for the shop front!

Not only does this project restore and restart businesses that help families like Khalid’s family to pay the bills and fight poverty, but it helps these persecuted minorities to restore and support resilient, thriving livelihoods as one of the most effective ways to rebuild communities. And it gives Khalid the opportunity to work and earn a living, which is one of the most effective ways to rebuild his life with dignity and purpose.

Khalid: “I was a broken man and you helped me back on my feet. I thank God and you for your trust. I am very hopeful and motivated to reach my goals”.

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