Charmaine Hedding


Charmaine Hedding is the President of Shai Fund and oversees our global operations, strategy and partnerships. She has worked for over fifteen years as an international consultant in development management for the non-profit sector, with a particular focus on the protection of persecuted minorities in the Middle East and Africa, while advocating for international religious freedom.

Charmaine has served on the ground responding to foreign disasters and humanitarian aid projects from Africa to the Far East. She has designed and implemented emergency relief & development programs and built capacity-building programs for diverse groups responsible for the protection of people at risk, complex emergencies, war and conflict. Coming originally from the business sector she focuses on help that builds a resilient future through sustainable programming. This has included economic revitalization projects to create jobs with genocide and trafficked survivors to combat poverty, promote economic self-reliance, strengthen these communities and to rebuild their future with dignity.

Ms. Hedding has trained and consulted for government agencies, local authorities, international non-governmental organizations, community and faith-based organizations. She speaks at universities, international conferences and forums about her work and experience with religious minorities, complex emergencies and disaster relief. She is often called upon to speak out on issues on live television and radio interviews, and her work has been featured in The Washington Times, World Magazine and Decision Magazine among many others.

Ms. Charmaine Hedding has a Master of Social Science in Development Management.