1040 vulnerable at risk female headed households assisted in Beirut

Project Results 

1040 vulnerable at risk female headed households assisted in Beirut

Widows and orphans in Lebanon
Widows and orphans receive practical help in Lebanon
Project Dates:
October - November 2021
Women and girls at risk
Project Goal:
Project Overview 

The Need: This project supports women and girls at risk that are female heads of household in Lebanon. It seeks to give them practical support and network them into a community that offers them additional care.

The Solution: Monthly food vouchers to assist with food security and to release funds for other items such as education and medicine.

Project Details 
Project Plan
Project History

This project assisted 1040 people from female headed households struggling to make ends meet in Lebanon. Children in Lebanon are subjected to the worst forms of child labor, including in construction and in forced labor in agriculture, sometimes as a result of human trafficking. This project seeks to support widows and orphans families in order to combat and prevent starvation and the possibility of sending children in the labor market. The project identified the most at risk families and supported these families with food vouchers.

What Your Investment Will Do:

1040 people were assisted with food for the month of October and November 2021, but more funds are needed so that these families don't have to send children into the work force, as is common in Lebanon.

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