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Sudan Crisis Response
Project Dates:
July - December 2023
People affected by internal conflict
Project Goal:
Project Overview 

The Need:

Following the outbreak of hostilities between two factions on 15 April 2023, more than half of the population requires urgent humanitarian assistance and protection. The conflict has resulted in over 3 million people displaced and destroyed access to food, water, health care, cash, fuel and other basic services for millions of people. There has been an alarming increase in the number of sexual assault cases across the county, and religious minorities are at high risk.

In addition to indiscriminate shelling and sporadic yet persistent gunfire which has caused endless civilian fatalities, armed Islamist actors have entered and targeted churches. In Omdurman the Coptic Orthodox church of Mar Gigis was attacked by unidentified assailants who shot and wounded the Reverend, his son, the cantor, a church guard, and a parishioner.  Witnesses said that they called them ‘infidels’  and demanded they convert to Islam. In Khartoum three churches were damaged by shelling and occupied by fighters. Many of the Christian minority community have been forced to flee including Archbishop Ezekiel Kondo and the 42 children. Armed militants have ambushed church property and occupied one church using it as a base of their operations.

Reports of hunger and starvation are reaching us through our trusted partners on the ground. To date we know of three small children that have passed away due to lack of access to food and clean water.

The Solution:

Shai Fund has already assisted over 270 people and counting to relocate to safer areas, including many Christian minorities that were being targeted by Islamic militants. At the same time we are responding with immediate relief aid to affected communities and assisting with food, shelter and desperately needed medicines. With your help more children can be saved in Sudan

From the Ground:

"May God bless you for doing such incredible work. You really saved my life. People are under militias threat they just don't know what they can do. Please pray for our people that God will show himself to them and rescue them from here and hereafter. My thanks goes for each one of you. May God's blessings follow you."

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What Your Investment Will Do:

Families affected by the conflict and in desperate need will receive relief aid in Sudan. The focus of our assistance is food and clean water, while moving people out of the line of fire. Your investment will save these lives from stray bullets and or worse still, targeted killings of civilians, and help them relocate to safer areas.

For a large family to receive a food package and clean water it costs $45 for one week.

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