Project Results 
Israel Crisis Relief Fund
Project Dates:
October - December 2023
People of Israel
Project Goal:
1,500 000
Project Overview 

On October 7, around 6:30am local time, Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists attacked Israel and unleashed a barrage of rocket attacks from Gaza on southern and central Israel.

The terrorists moved into the civilian population centers and began attacking and killing Israeli civilians indiscriminately throughout the morning. More Jewish people were murdered in a single day (Saturday, October 7th, 2023) than have been on any single day since the Holocaust. Hamas murdered over 40 babies, including beheadings and raping the women and girls.

Over one thousand people are dead and counting. Once 3500 and counting are injured and 100+ civilians and soldiers have been taken as hostages into Gaza.

Project Details 
Project Plan

Project History
What Your Investment Will Do:

We are responding to this ongoing crises as Israel defends herself agains Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the south and Hizbollah in the north:

• Help those needing to reach safety and relocate out of harms way, includes those needing to evacuate from the border regions.

• Assist returning Israelis stranded abroad to fly back to Israel.

• Send humanitarian aid to those in need that have been evacuated from the border regions.

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