Trained & Equipped 334 Responders, 61 Trainers, 1400 Trauma Supplies

Project Results 

Trained & Equipped 334 Responders, 61 Trainers, 1400 Trauma Supplies

Ukraine Emergency Response Fund
Project Dates:
March 2022 - Dec 2022
Medical training and assistance in the Ukraine
Project Goal:
Project Overview 

The Need: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused a massive humanitarian crises in the Ukraine and a flood of refugees into neighboring countries such as Poland, Slovakia and Moldova.  Men are on the frontlines while the women and children escape to the border regions. This medical and humanitarian project will benefit civilians and volunteers with casualty care and relief aid.  90% of casualties in war zones die before reaching medical treatment. It is therefore vital that civilians are aware of mortality risks immediately following injury and are trained in how to spot and treat such injuries.

The Solution: The situation is critical and we are working with medical teams as a first response to those injured, while getting in medical supplies such as medicines, and bandages etc. This 5 day Team Medic Course includes a 3-hour component that focuses on the immediate need to control hemorrhagic bleeding and clear an airway.  The Course sustains life until hospital care can be reached.

Project Details 
Project Plan

The project plans to achieve the following:

·     Taking another 1000 volunteers from zero medication knowledge to front line medical provision

·     Medical kits will be taken to the border regions which will then be taken overland into Ukraine to join up for training (on border and inside Ukraine)

Project History

Impact Summary: The project has employed combat-experienced medics to train and equip responders from the four main sectors of Ukrainian civilian and blue-light emergency response in Odesa and Mikolaiv regions. Training levels consisted of elementary TeamMedic and intermediate Train the Trainer courses.

As of the end of May 2022, 334 local responders have been trained and equipped: 79 FireService, 96 Police Service, 35 Paramedic Service, and 124 Civilian Volunteers in high-risk roles. Trained services used skills and equipment directly in response to Russian missile attacks in Odesa in April and in May in Mikolaiv

WHAT: Trained & Equipped 334 Responders,61 Trainers, 1400 Trauma Supplies

WHERE: Odesa and Mikolaiv Regions, the focus of Russian aggression in southern Ukraine

WHY: Save lives, train and equip first response to humanitarian and trauma incidents

As of the end of May key training and equipping has included:

Tourniquet: 420 persons

Trauma Bandage: 560 persons

Nasal-Pharyngeal Airway: 140 persons

Decompression Needle: 140 persons

Trauma Splint:140 persons

What Your Investment Will Do:

Train and Equip: Training without equipment serves little purpose in a humanitarian crisis. Following the training the project delivers trauma-ready equipment covering the full requirements of pre-hospital trauma care.

As the crises continues there is so many more we can assist with this life-saving casualty training and medical supplies.

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