Project Results 
Emergency Response in Lebanon
Project Dates:
August 2021 - December 2021
Vulnerable groups and religious minorities in Lebanon
Project Goal:
Project Overview 

The Need: Lebanon is facing a dire crises and is running out of fuel. Hospitals, bakeries and many businesses are scaling back operations or have closed down totally. The people are starving and crying out for help. The country is witnessing a severe shortage of basic goods and services and a significant increase in poverty and unemployment rates. They need food and other hygiene products to stay healthy and to protect themselves from Covid-19.

The Solution: Shai Fund is responding by sending in emergency food aid and containers of hygiene items.

Project Details 
Project Plan

Shai Fund is sending in much needed food aid and supporting widows and orphans in desperate need. These food distributions focus on the most vulnerable and often support religious minorities persecuted for their faith amongst others.

We are working to get containers of aid into Beirut which include much needed non-food items such as soaps for hand washing, body washes, baby soaps, shampoos and the like. Each 40' container costs around $6000 to ship to the port of Beirut.

Project History

Shai Fund has been running programs to support Lebanon for over 5 years. From relief aid to supporting the influx of refugees that came to Lebanon fleeing ISIS, we have been there on the ground. Last year alone we supported over 3,813 vulnerable people in Lebanon with much needed food aid: During one of many distributions last year we assisted 228 families and they were given items such as rice, oil, tea, sugar and other essential items to feed their families. We also responded to the blast that happened in the port and assisted with cleaning up around Beirut, rebuilding houses and a local hospital.

During Christmas and Easter we support local communities to be able to celebrate their faith and traditions and keep their identity as religious minorities in the Middle East and Lebanon.

What Your Investment Will Do:

Your investment will help us feed families in Lebanon. We give up to $50 per family of food aid which will supply essential items like rice, tea, oils, etc Every $1,000 will help 20 families.

You can also sponsor a 40' container of hygiene items such as soaps, shampoos, sanitary items, toothbrushes, baby wipes and much more for as little as USD $6,000.

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