Project Results 
Education for Girls at Risk from Iran and Afghanistan
Woman at risk on plane out of Afghanistan
Iran and Afghanistan
Project Dates:
January 2022 - Ongoing
Women at risk
Project Goal:
Project Overview 

The Need: Young women in the Middle East are being prohibited from continuing their education and bright futures due radical control in Iran and Afghanistan.

The Solution: This program supports young woman at risk that can no longer continue their studies in Iran and Afghanistan. They are brought out to Cyprus and offered full scholarships at the Cyprus International University.

Project Details 
Project Plan
  1. Fund flights and transit visas for women at risk
  2. Assist with safe-passage out the country
  3. Relocate them to Cyprus
  4. Finance their living expenses and a stipends

This project supports women at risk that are fleeing oppressive territory where as women are denied the right to education.

Project History

Currently, 26 young women have been evacuated and made it to Cyprus. Shai Fund continues to support them by funding food and lodging for three years. The approximate cost to support each young woman for three years is $3,000 per girl. The young women stay in shared accommodation and get a stipend for their food and incidentals. With your help we can educate more girls.

What Your Investment Will Do:

Investing in a girl's education transforms communities and countries. Girls that receive an education are less likely to be married young and more likely to lead healthy and productive lives. They are better able to participate in decisions that have the most affect on their own lives and build better futures for not only themselves but also for their families.

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