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Earthquake Recovery Project in Turkey and Syria
Sami Boğozoğlu / Can Balıkçıoğlu 07.02.2023 Samandağ (Hatay)
Turkey and Syria
Project Dates:
February - December 2023
People affected by the earthquake
Project Goal:
Project Overview 

The Need: The devastating earthquakes that struck Syria and Turkey on Monday 6th February 2023, affected thousands of people, including communities who have faced over a decade of war, displacement, and financial crises. By day two, the death toll was nearing 5,000 people and counting. Many are relying on material aid and humanitarian assistance as freezing weather conditions are further endangering survivors and complicating the rescue effort.

The Solution: Shai Fund is responding with immediate relief aid to affected communities in Turkey (Hatay province) and Syria (Aleppo & Lattakia)

In Hatay, which is on the Syrian border there are 5 areas affected by the earthquake where we are providing assistance..

In Aleppo over 400 families urgently need food and blankets. In Lattakia one church has taken in over 450 families (both Christians and Muslims) in need of food, blankets, water, and medications. Another 400 families in the surrounding areas need food, heaters, and medication.

Project Details 
Project Plan
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What Your Investment Will Do:

Families affected by the earthquake and in desperate need will receive relief aid in Syria and Turkey.

Following the relief aid, Shai Fund will look to restore livelihoods affected by the earthquake. The project implementing partners will be local and faith based non-profits that will distribute the aid into the community benefiting both Christians religious minorities and other affected persons. The project seeks to support the local initiatives to reach out to their communities. This then also empowers them to be able to turn around and help themselves as members of the community for the community - making it local with local knowledge. Critically they are then able to anticipate further needs and opportunities, as well as seeking further ways to support the community which in turn contributes to the overall resilience of these communities.

Additionally, we have found a way to quickly and cost effectively provide these families in need with an emergency shelter—we’ve discovered a simple way to construct sturdy and unique small, temporary houses.

The advantages of these tiny houses:

-Easy and quick to assemble for families in need

-They can be moved according to need

-Kits can be made and locals can be trained

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