29400 primary health care medicine treatments & 600 families were given hygiene kits.

Project Results 

29400 primary health care medicine treatments & 600 families were given hygiene kits.

Fighting COVID-19 in North East Syria
Hand Sanitizer against COVID
north eastern Syria
Project Dates:
August 2020
Kurds, Yezidis, Christians and Arab in north Eastern Syria
Project Goal:
Project Overview 

The Need: The novel Coronavirus COVID-19 inevitably arrived in NE Syria putting additional stress on the already stretched to the maximum medical facilities. Medical personnel and hospitals were scrambled with little resources to respond to COVID-19, not to mention the additional pressure it put on communities handling both the ongoing war, managing ISIS camps and sleeper cells, while trying to assist the IDPs. Food was already scarce and for many the ability to work and have a regular income to pay the bills was almost impossible. In addition, curfews and restrictions on movement and lockdowns have compounded an already difficult financial situation for most families. Given this, most IDP or host communities do not have the ability to buy hygiene kits and PPE (personal protection equipment) that are the first line of defense against the coronavirus. In addition medicines for primary health care facilities were needed for ongoing healthcare assistance for the population.

The Solution: Shai Fund and local partner joined in collaboration with local authorities to distribute medicines and hygiene kits to families that includes items such as disinfectants, soaps for hand washing and masks as a first line of protection. Medicines were given to local health care and medical facilities.

The project assist all citizens of the region and included both IDP and host communities.

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Persecution of Christians and Religious Minorities in northeast Syria
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