Christina’s Story

Bringing hope

It gives me hope...that they believe I am worth helping

Christina* is from a city in Iraq where she worked and enjoyed time with her family. When the Islamic State attacked her city she tried to run away, but was caught with her sisters along with other women and girls, and taken into forced sexual slavery. During her captivity she was sold 12 times to 12 different ISIS militants. She was violently raped and physically abused daily, which resulted in numerous injuries and medical conditions.  

Although she had been through so much trauma, Christina was brave enough to finally escape. Because of Shai Fund she was provided with emergency funds that will help with medical, psychosocial and practical needs so that she can begin to heal.

“It gives me hope,” she said, “to know that people care and will help. That they believe I am worth helping.”

*Name changed to protect identity

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